Afghan hash CBD

Starting at 4,55  / gram

 Cannabis variety : Afghan Hashish CBD

 Smell & Taste: Woody, peppery flavour

 Cultivation method: Indoor growing

Type of product: CBD resin / CBD hash

 CBD content: 18%

CBG content: < 1 %

 THC content: < 0,2 %

 Origin: Switzerland

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Afghan Hash CBD

CBD Pollen / CBD Hashish

Afghan CBD hashish is one of the most popular among cannabis lovers. This CBD resin is famous for its dark colour, powerful effects and intense aromas. Afghan CBD hash has a CBD content of 18% and offers woody and spicy notes in the mouth.

Smell 90%
Taste & flavour 95%
Relaxing / soothing effect 90%
Happiness 95%

Afghan Hash CBD cannabis strains

Afghan hash resin comes from cannabis plants grown in Afghanistan.

Pollen production

To create Afghan CBD hash, producers first harvest the cannabis flowers. They let them dry before sifting and pressing them to create the hashish slabs.

A brief history of the Afghan variety

Afghanistan is an important country that has played a key role in the cannabis industry. Afghan legend has it that the plant was discovered by a wandering ascetic named Baba Kou. He was distributing a remedy sold in the form of brown pastilles in the city of Balkh.

réqiene cbd afgan

What is CBD ?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Unlike THC, which is illegal in France, CBD is neither addictive nor psychoactive and is therefore legal as long as the THC content remains below 0.3% in the products. However, the sale of CBD to minors remains prohibited. The consumption of CBD will bring you positive calming effects, against stress, pain or insomnia for example.

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Types de Haschich

Pollen gras résineux

Variétés Cannabis CBD



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