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OurCBD Shop offers you the best CBD flowers (weed) for Cannabis lovers!

Our indoor CBD flowers

Indoor cultivation refers to CBD plants grown indoors. This method of cultivation results in CBD flowers with a stronger taste and higher CBD content. The CBD shop Hash CBD offers you a selection of the best indoor CBD flowers with exceptional flavours that will delight cannabis lovers! All our chosen herbs respect precise specifications: indoor cultivation exclusively, respect for the time of drying of the flowers, odours of the flowers, taste of the flowers, effects of the flowers and in the respect of the legal rate of THC lower than 0.3%.

Garlic Bud CBD Flowers

Starting at 5,00  / gram

Our Glasshouse CBD flowers

Explore the world of Glasshouse CBD flowers, cultivated under glass greenhouse conditions with supplemental artificial light for optimal quality. Hash CBD offers you a selection of the finest Glass House CBD flower varieties. Each herb is chosen according to strict criteria: greenhouse cultivation, adherence to drying times, aromatic profiles, exquisite flavors, desired effects, all in strict compliance with the legal THC content, below 0.3%.

Zkittlez Candy CBD Flowers

Starting at 3,50  / gram

AK 47 CBD Flowers

Starting at 3,50  / gram

Our mini CBD buds

Hash CBD presents you a selection of mini CBD buds at mini prices! Find small CBD buds, which contain as much cannabinoids and terpenes as larger CBD flowers. Various varieties of CBD at an excellent quality/price ratio are offered. Mini CBD buds are the ideal solution to enjoy all the benefits of CBD flowers at a low price!

Our CBD Trim

CBD Trim is a mixture of small CBD flowers and leaves. This makes CBD trims more affordable than CBD flowers. The trims are the residue of the manicure of the cannabis plants. The therapeutic properties and aromas of CBD flowers are preserved in CBD Trim, including tiny buds that are highly concentrated in terpenes and cannabinoids. This format is ideal for making infusions or for your CBD-based culinary preparations.

Our CBD flowers in wholesale: 25g, 50g, 100g

Are you looking for CBD flowers at an excellent value for money? The CBD Shop Hash CBD offers a selection of CBD flowers for sale in wholesale (25g, 50g, 100g)!

Nos fleurs CBD outdoor

Hash CBD a pris soin de sélectionner les meilleurs fleurs CBD outdoor ! Ce mode de culture en extérieur est moins onéreux qu’une culture indoor et apporte aux fleurs CBD outdoor un goût authentique avec des arômes boisés.

Nos fleurs CBD green house

La culture de fleurs CBD greenhouse (sous serre) est un moyen de combiner les avantages de la culture indoor avec ceux de la culture outdoor. Etant mieux protégées qu’en extérieur, les plantes peuvent tirer profit de la lumière du soleil sans subir d’agressions extérieures.  Hash CBD vous propose des fleurs CBD green house de qualité et légales avec un taux de THC inférieur à 0.2%.

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are grown from Sativa, Indica or hybrid (Sativa & Indica cross) cannabis plants. Cultivated for several millennia, cannabis has a high content of cannabidiol (CBD) and THC.

Consuming CBD allows you to enjoy all the benefits of this plant without experiencing the psychotropic side effects. Indeed, THC is the molecule that brings the psychotropic aspect to the plant and the legal CBD has a THC level lower than 0.3%. Thus, a CBD flower is not consumed for its psychotropic effects but for its relaxing or anti-inflammatory properties.

Several cultivation methods are used for CBD flowers (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse…) and each method brings characteristic flavours to the plants. Also, many varieties of CBD exist and each of them will give you different effects and aromas.

What are the effects of CBD flowers?

CBD flowers have many therapeutic properties.

CBD influences the serotonin receptors and thus helps to fight anxiety and regulate emotions. Also, this substance has relaxing effects and can therefore help you reduce stress and sleep better. Finally, numerous studies have proven the pain-relieving properties of CBD flowers, which can help reduce certain chronic pains.

How to consume CBD flowers?

In order to enjoy the benefits of CBD flower, it must be heated (decarboxylation). Thus, two methods are recommended to consume it: infusions and vaporisation.

To make an infusion with CBD flowers, it is necessary to use a fat (whole milk, butter…) so that it is soluble. The mixture must then be boiled for about 30 minutes before tasting.

Vaporising CBD flowers allows you to feel their benefits more quickly. Unlike combustion, this method of consumption is healthy and optimal when properly controlled. If the temperature is too low, the CBD will not evaporate properly; on the other hand, if it is too hot, it will burn and emit harmful substances. Thus, to benefit from all its effects, CBD must be vaporised at a temperature of between 160 and 220°C.

How to choose CBD flowers in a CBD Shop?

The choice of CBD flowers depends on several parameters: growing method, variety, taste, desired effects… Each type of cultivation (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) and each variety brings different effects and flavours to CBD flowers.

The Hash CBD Shop offers a wide selection of CBD flowers: don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for more information on the different varieties!