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CBD Hash 3x filtered Lemon Haze

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 Cannabis variety : Lemon Haze CBD 3x filtered

 Smell & Taste: orange, lemon

 Cultivation method: Indoor growing

Type of product: CBD Hash 3x filtered

CBD content: about 58%

CBG content: < 1 %

 THC content: < 0,2 %

 Origin: Switzerland

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CBD Hash 3x filtered Lemon Haze

CBD Resin / CBD Hash

The 3x filtered CBD resin offered by the Hash CBD Shop is an exceptional product! It is the most concentrated hash offered by our CBD Shop. With a CBD content of about 58%, the 3x filtered hash of the Lemon Haze variety will provide you with powerful relaxing effects and will surprise you with its powerful lemon flavours. In order to produce the filtered 3x CBD hash, a rigorous work is necessary. The CBD flowers are carefully selected and then sieved several times (to 45 microns). The result is 3x filtered hash : a much more concentrated CBD cannabis resin with intense soothing effects.

Odeur 100%
Goût & saveur 100%
Effet relaxant / apaisant 100%
Heureux 95%

Lemon Haze CBD cannabis strains

The CBD Lemon Haze cannabis strain is a hybrid of two very popular strains: Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. Lemon Haze 3x filtered CBD hash has the generic characteristics of both parents: intoxicating lemon aromas and powerful relaxing effects.

Cultivation of Lemon Haze plants

The CBD Lemon Haze cannabis strain is grown indoors in darkrooms.

A short history of the Lemon Haze variety

The CBD Lemon Haze strain is known for its potency and aroma profile that offers unique flavours. It is a cross between Amnesia Haze (a popular variety in Amsterdam coffee shops) and Lemon Skunk (a weed with lemony flavours).

lemon haze trim CBD

What is 3x filtered CBD hash?

The CBD 3x filtered resin offered by Hash CBD is one of the best CBD products available on the market! Creating a filtered CBD 3x hash requires a lot of hard work. First of all, the CBD flowers are carefully selected. They are then sieved several times (with 45 micron sieves) to obtain a filtered 3x CBD resin. With a CBD content of approximately 58%, 3x Filtered Lemon Haze offers a powerful relaxing effect and will seduce you with its pronounced lemon flavour.

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