Pack CBD hash 20g + 1g free


CBD hash Pack 20g, cbd pack composed of the 5 best Hash CBD hashish! 4g of each hashish (+1g offered).

 Cannabis variety : A mix of our best CBD hashish

 Smell & Taste: 5 different hashish flavours

 Cultivation method: Indoor growing

Type of product: CBD resin / CBD hash

 CBD content: from 12% to 22 %

CBG content: < 1 %

 THC content: < 0,2 %

 Origin: Switzerland

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Pack CBD Haschich 20g

Pollen CBD

Pack Pollen CBD 20g, pack cbd composed of 5 varieties Haschich.


Starting at 4,55  / gram

CBD Hash Ivory Cream

Starting at 4,55  / gram

CBD Hash Bubble Gum

Starting at 4,55  / gram

CBD Hash Le Mousseux wholesale

Starting at 3,50  / gram

CBD Hash Le Mousseux

Starting at 4,55  / gram

Ketama Beldia CBD Hash wholesale

Starting at 2,50  / gram
Additional information
Weight 0,010 g
Types de Haschich

Pollen gras résineux, Pollen mousseux

Variétés Cannabis CBD

Hybrid (indica / sativa mix), Indica, Sativa

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